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So, you have decided to capture in photographs those precious memories of the first few weeks of your baby. Amazing! I want to help make this happen in the easiest possible way. Here are 5 reasons why it makes total sense to have your newborn photography session at home.


1 – You don’t have to go anywhere!

You’ve just had a baby, make someone else leave the house (me!) While this is obvious it is something that parents have commented on over and over again how much they appreciate this come photo day. As newborn photography is usually done in the first few weeks of life, it can be a challenge to get out of the house at all let alone trying to keep to an appointment. Working out what to pack for your baby as well as getting yourself ‘photo-ready’ in between feeding, changing and making sure you have everything you could possibly need is a stressful situation. You’re exhausted before you even get out the door! If you have had a rough night to top it off then just being able to open the door when the doorbell rings seems like a much better option.

2 – You don’t need to be ready when I arrive

I usually start my sessions mid-morning. Not too early that only the birds are out but early enough to be done and out of your house by lunchtime. Answering the door in your pyjamas is totally ok! If you want to be in some family photos you still have time to shower, put on make-up, and do what you have to do while I take some individual photos of your baby. You also have the option of outfit changes (particularly great if there are any accidents). Not to mention the added benefit of keeping your track pants on the whole time as I usually photograph from the waist up.


3 – We can include little parts of your home to make your photos unique

If you have amazing floorboards then I WILL be photographing them. If you have beautiful sheer curtains then I will use them as a background for family photos. Have a photo wall? We can create some unique family portraits. You can also use some sentimental items around your home to include in the photos. Often it isn’t until we are in the middle of the shoot that parents remember the beautiful blanket they received as a gift from their mother, or a baby bonnet that they wore as a baby themselves. It’s so much easier to walk into the other room to get it then remember halfway to a studio session that you left it on the kitchen table.


4 – Siblings are at ease in their own home

Siblings are often more relaxed and receptive to having their photo taken in their own environment. Little ones are quite inquisitive about the props and bags of things I am bringing in. It can be a great ice-breaker for them to ‘help’ me set up for photos. They can also get a snack, have a nap or go and play without them getting bored or disrupting their routine. It is also a great opportunity for furry siblings to be included in photos too.


5 – It’s comfortable for you

You can carry on with normal life as the sessions are very relaxed. You can get a snack when you’re hungry, make a coffee (or two), fold the laundry, watch tv or just relax on your couch and watch me work with your precious baby. While I will be at your house for a few hours, it doesn’t have to feel like a large part of your day has gone.

Newborn-baby-sleeping-wrapped-in-whiteBonus – You do not need to worry about what your home looks like

I want to reassure you that you do not have to have a magazine perfect house. You’ve just had a baby and your house is supposed to be messy. There is no way I expect you to do a mountain of housework before I arrive. Dirty dishes, washing piles, clutter, honestly I don’t care! If I need to clear a space to work I will let you know (and then happily do it myself). I have photographed in very small spaces and dark rooms. I always bring a light just in case so there will always be a place to photograph in your home.


So, if having a newborn photography session in your own home sounds appealing then get in touch here. I would love to capture those early moments with your beautiful baby.


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