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Newborn Photographer Robina – Hannah was such a sweet little girl and so teeny tiny! She was another great sleeper and seemed to just snuggle down wherever I positioned her. Hannah suited nearly every colour and the pastel shades really complimented her tones. Hopefully that’s something that will stay with her throughout her life! 

I was lucky enough to capture a few big smiles during the shoot which always makes me very happy as I know parents love these – and I do too! What could possibly be cuter then a newborn baby smiling?

Note: All of these images were taken in my clients home. You are still able to have studio-look images without having to leave your house. I will discuss colour schemes and posing ideas before the session and bring with me a range of different props and blankets to choose from on the day of the session. I know how hard it can be trying to leave the house in the first two weeks so I try to make the whole process as easy and comfortable as possible.

Newborn-Photographer-Robina-baby-girl-asleep-in-basket Newborn-Photographer-Robina-baby-girl-asleep-in-basket-close-up Newborn-Photographer-Robina-baby-girl-wrapped-in-blue-asleep Newborn-Photographer-Robina-baby-girl-in-blue-smiling Newborn-Photographer-Robina-Gold-Coast-baby-girl-asleep in white



If you would like some more information on a newborn photography session or would like a price list please get in touch here.


Newborn Photographer Robina –  Erin Winsley Photography, Gold Coast, Queensland

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