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Newborn Photography Robina – Logan was the cutest little thing and the nephew of an old work friend. It was so nice to meet him and his lovely parents and be asked to capture memories of this special time. Logan was another sleepy baby (I get truly excited when babies sleep so well they don’t mind that I’m moving them around and transferring them between props) and we were able to again get through quite a number of poses and props.

We kept the colour scheme to mainly blues and neutral colours which suited Logan’s skin tone perfectly. Sometimes I can’t decide whether I love whites and neutrals more or whether I prefer the addition of a pastel colour. In most sessions I usually do at least one set up of each. I brought with me a range of props and blankets of varying shades of blue and we did our best to incorporate as many as possible to create some nice variety in Logan’s gallery.

Newborn-Photography-Robina-baby-boy-in-basket-in-blue Newborn-Photography-Robina-baby-boy-in-basket-in-blue-close-up Newborn-Photography-Robina-baby-boy-sleeping-on-white-blanket Newborn-Photography-Robina-close-up-of-hand-details Newborn-Photography-Robina-baby-asleep-wrapped-in-blue


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Newborn Photography Robina –  Erin Winsley Photography, Gold Coast, Queensland

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