Madeleine – Newborn Photography Northern Suburbs


Large Heart Erin Winsley Photography

Madeleine was so good during her newborn photography session that she slept through most of it. With her gorgeous little features, amazing eyelashes and the cutest curl in the middle of her forehead, she will surely grow up to be stunning.


Newborn_Baby_Photography_sydney_detail_of_eyelashesNewborn_Baby_Photography_sydney_girl_in_baskey_asleep Newborn_Baby_Photography_sydney_girl_detail_of_lips Newborn_Baby_Girl_Sydney_Asleep_with_green_wrap


Newborn Photography Sydney Northern Suburbs –  Erin Winsley Photography, Sydney New South Wales

Camillo – Newborn Photography Eastern Suburbs

Large Heart Erin Winsley Photography

Little Camillo loved his first photography session and slept through most of it. He had beautiful dark hair and such a handsome little face. A dream to photograph!


Newborn Photography Sydney Eastern Suburbs –  Erin Winsley Photography, Sydney New South Wales

The R Family – Family Photography Northern Beaches

Large Heart Erin Winsley Photography

The R Family are really good friends of mine and I was excited to be asked to update their family photos in the stunning Northern Beaches. Freshwater Beach was the perfect location and the weather really put on a show that morning to provide a vibrant and beautiful background.

Isaac was all smiles, having fun with his parents and playing in the sand. His gorgeous blue eyes are definitely a family trait.







 Family Photography Northern Beaches –  Erin Winsley Photography, Sydney New South Wales

Quick and Easy Easter Decorating Ideas

If you’re anything like me then Easter has snuck up on you like a stealthy ninja. While the thought of a 4 day weekend is amazing, thinking about organising an Easter get-together is met with a slight panic. I’m not someone who likes to do things by halves, I like my Easter gathering to not only be a time to catch up with family, but also for it to look amazing (hence the slight panic). This Easter I’m making it easy on myself and have been trawling through Pinterest to find some fantastic, super-easy decorating ideas. These ideas will make it look like you spent hours getting the table ready but some of them will literally take you only 10 minutes. They also work on a tight budget so you don’t have to spend a fortune, double win! Just pick a couple of ideas, match them together and your friends and family will think you’re Martha Stewart.

Check out my Pinterest board with the link below for all of the decorating ideas. I’m planning on doing bunny napkins, the drinking glasses with coloured water and white flowers (I’m going to try an ombré look with one colour, just increasing the number of drops in each glass), the marshmallow bunny ears, pretzel flower bites and either the glitter eggs, the napkin eggs or the crayon eggs, depending on what I can find at the shops!

I’ll be sure to take some pictures and let you know how I go 🙂


Joshua – Newborn Photography

Large Heart Erin Winsley Photography

It was so amazing to be able to photograph my sweet little nephew. He is the first baby in our family so will be very spoilt by everyone. His photo session was just a few weeks ago but already he has grown so much! He was only this tiny for such a short time so I’m happy I am able to give these photos to my sister to remember all the little details of when he was brand new.

Newborn-photography-Sutherland-Shire-baby-asleep-in-a-basket Newborn-photography-Sutherland-Shire-baby-asleep-close-up Newborn-photography-Sutherland-Shire-baby-toes Newborn-photography-Sutherland-Shire-baby-asleep-on-blanket Newborn-photography-Sutherland-Shire-baby-asleep-on-blanket-posed

Newborn Photography –  Erin Winsley Photography, Sydney New South Wales

The H Family – Fun Outdoor Family Photography

Large Heart Erin Winsley Photography

Recently I had the opportunity to return to Hobart to photograph the H family. It was a cold and blustery start but we soon warmed up and little Zac’s sweet and inquisitive personality began to shine. He was fascinated by my camera and kept trying to work out where the sound was coming from by looking deep into the lens, too cute.

A really close-knit and fun family.






Newborn Baby Photography by Erin Winsley Photography, Sydney New South Wales.

Lachlan – Sydney Newborn Photography

Large Heart Erin Winsley Photography

Meet handsome little Lachlan. He made us work pretty hard to get him to sleep during his photography session but finally he nodded off. And boy did he look cute all tucked up and snuggly!




Newborn baby posed asleep by Erin Winsley photography


Newborn Baby Photography by Erin Winsley Photography, Sydney New South Wales.

Ashley – Baby Photography Sydney North Shore

Large Heart Erin Winsley Photography

Ashley wasn’t too sure about the whole photography thing when we started her session, but after a while she decided it wasn’t so bad after all!

She looked like a perfect little doll and had the most amazing head of hair and the longest eyelashes. Very sweet.

Baby-Photography-Sydney-North-Shore-girl's-faceBaby-Photography-Sydney-North-Shore-girl-sleeping-in-blanketBaby-Photography-Sydney-North-Shore-girl-sleeping-with-long-eyelashesBaby-Photography-Sydney-North-Shore-close-up-of-handsBaby-Photography-Sydney-North-Shore-girl-wrapped-sleepingBaby Photography Sydney North Shore – Erin Winsley Photography, Sydney New South Wales.

Anastasia – Sydney Newborn Photography

Large Heart Erin Winsley Photography

Anastasia is the newest member of the family with a big brother and sister to look out for her. She was so relaxed through our photography session and looked so sweet sleeping.

Perfect little features and those cheeks! Too cute.

Sydney Newborn PhotographySydney Newborn PhotographySydney Newborn PhotographySydney Newborn PhotographySydney Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography by Erin Winsley Photography, Sydney New South Wales.

Brooke – Newborn Photography

Large Heart Erin Winsley Photography

Brooke was so cuddly and such a good sleeper. She was quite happy snuggling down into the blankets for a nap.

She had the sweetest chubby cheeks and rosy red lips. So pretty.

Newborn Baby Photograph girlNewborn Baby photography Sydney Newborn Baby Photography Sydney posedPosed Newborn Baby photography SydneyClose up Newborn Baby Photograph Sydney

Newborn Photography by Erin Winsley Photography, Sydney New South Wales.

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